Remi Alaka

Remi Alaka is a Qualified Marriage Coach, Family Systemic Practitioner, Gerontologist and Senior Manager with 20 years’ experience in management. He is passionate about marriage and driven by his desire to ensure that, the married couples he and his wife coach have a happy, healthy marriage. The genesis of this ethos comes from his own experience of not starting his marriage well. His views on how a marriage should work were drastically altered in 1989 when he began studying the Bible with members of the church he currently attends, and for the first time, he understood that obedience to biblical principles were key to having a great marriage. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Helen, for 35 years. They are Christian Marriage Coaches with over 25 years of experience; helping hundreds of couples improve and enrich their marriage. They have three adult children; Richard, James, Daniel, a daughter-in-law Kelsey and a granddaughter, Linden Remi Rose.

Books by Remi Alaka

lessons in love to boost your marriage

Are you looking for a temporary fix to the problems in your marriage or are you looking for a lasting solution? Are you willing to put in the effort and make sacrifices to make your marriage work? Your answer to this question is pertinent to how much you’ll get out of this book. Be sure of this, you will get back from your marriage, the investment – in terms of effort, care and attention - you put into it. I believe you have this book in your hand because you are committed to working on your marriage, to make it the best it can be and bring glory to God, or you want to use the lessons to help someone else have a fruitful marriage. Biblical principles are ideal for Christian marriages, but they will only work for those who implement them wholeheartedly.


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