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Having a Mentor saves you time, you avoid unnecessary mistakes, it reduces your learning curve, gives you access, exposes you to wisdom, opportunities you would not find on your own and most importantly, psychological permission to believe in all of your big dreams. But not everyone has been successful at finding one and when they do, they have problems retaining and when they retain, they don't know how to maximize the relationship. I am a product of Mentorship and in 4 years I moved from having less than a dollar in my wallet, no career and expiring rent to Certified Health Coach, with 1,300 clients in 8 countries, a thriving business, best-selling books, a mobile game and International speaking engagements. I would like to say I got here because I am all that and then some but with no degree I only got to where I am because of the Mentors in my life. I wrote this book, not because I was a great Mentee but because I made mistakes that caused me time, money and relationships. Everyone needs a Mentor but not everyone has the skill to find the right Mentor, attract, retain and then maximize the relationship and that everything this book is about.

how i lost 40kg

From 110kg to 70kg, I share the principles that will help any one lose weight and keep it off for good by understanding 10 simple hacks. At 110kg I suffered with low self esteem, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, migraines and hormonal imbalance. After losing 40kg, my life made a complete transformation. In this book I share with you 10 things you must do to begin to lose weight and keep it off for good.

the total makeover

In 2013 I lost 40kg. I went from 110kg to 70kg in 10 months but this was not the first time I was trying to lose weight, I had tried at least 100 times before and failed. What was different this time? What changed? How have I been able to keep it off since then? As a Health Coach how have I been able to help women do the same when they could not before? If it was never about Food and Exercise then what is losing weight and living healthy truly about? In this book Total Makeover, I talk about Jane who had tried to lose weight and thought it was ineffective because she was not driven. We do not address her lack of drive, we address what caused her lack of drive. In this book, I share a few stories that everyone can relate to in one form or the other. This book is real, it is raw, this book is about everything we don't see on the surface, the things no one wants to openly talk about I wrote this book because irrespective of where you are coming from, you can still create the life of your dreams. You can still live a Happy, Healthy and better life.


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