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review of the book of job

This book of Job is not a mythology, as some might think. This book speaks about a real human being, called Job, who is mentioned in other scriptures. The book teaches about the problem of suffering and possible background to suffering in the lives of men. It gives a clear view that friends create adverse opinion of the suffering man, as witnessed in friends of Job and the wife. Some suffer, not as a result of their sin, but a trial of Faith. God is ominiscience, the suffering man may exenorate himself, but God does not misjudge, because there are many questions men have no answers to.

how are the mighty fallen?

Many General Overseers of great missions had fallen or are falling, but few knew that they had. They continue in the so- called anointing they received, not knowing leadership might have been transferred to some others. Many leaders of nations had fallen but never knew what had happened to them, until they lose the next election. It behooves on us to learn from great leaders in the bible and even contemporary times to know why and how they fell to avoid the pit they fell into. This book sets the pace for this discourse. A must read for church ad secular leaders.

humility on trial

Humility is one of the virtue lacking in today’s world. However, humility is a virtue so highly prized by God and He respect and exalts the humble. But the proud God vehemently resist and it leads to their downfall. The author in this book has challenged leaders across all spectrum of life to imbibe humility in whatever positions and capacity God has positioned them. A timely master piece for our age.

i, in the covenant of god

This book treats exhaustively all the Covenants of of God in the Bible and you are in that Covenant. It teaches that man is a covenant being and so to all creation. You will read about the 15 Covenants of the Bible and the essential thing is that these covenants are unchangeable. God established all things by Covenant and each covenant runs the areas, it is set up to govern. The Solaric Covenant, governs the universe of stars, planets, the moon and all systems linked to it, for examples, night and day, the seasons, plants and animals.The Covenant of Blood is an important thing to read in this book, the importance of the sacrificial Blood of Christ for the salvation of souls.

power of one mind

God approves walking and working together. If we are truly Christ's disciples, we must be men of one heart and mind and nothing will be hard for all Christians put together. This book sets the discourse and pathway to unity in the body of Christ irrespective of denominational and doctrinal beliefs and affiliations. A must read for ministers of the gospel and the church in general.

pieces of paradox

Pieces of paradox is a write up to express life mysteries noted from various spectra in the affairs of men. So much truth is covered in what seems untrue. This book is treatise to probe unbelief and doubt among men. The realities of poverty, character, truth and the virtue of integrity were examined in paradoxical context to glean wisdom for our lives. The book also contains excerpts account of my 54th years of my Pentecostal Christianity. Scholars will find it an expository master piece for intellectual discourse.

breaking the yoke of ancestral curses

Take it or leave it, ancestral curses are real. The ancestral curses are established by either the sins of forefathers which ran through the families or by one’s personal sins. However, ancestral curses and yokes can be broken through the power of God. Everyone must insist to be cleared from ancestral curses. This book shows how to break the yoke of ancestral curses and be free forever.

god is in search for faithful men

It is great to be faithful to God. While men could shift in love and often act the "man" as human beings, faithfulness rarely shifts, for it is the summation of godliness. No matter how corrupt the society seems or how the unfaithful seems recognized and applauded in society, God is still in search of faithful men who will enforce His Kingdom here on earth. Faithfulness is not a gift neither is it hereditary but a virtue one chooses to cultivate and exemplify. This book shows the pathway to become one of God’s faithful’s. May you be found to be one of them.


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