Rev. Dr. Julia Fortune

Rev Dr. Julia Fortune (Bishop-Elect) knew about Jesus from a young age, but it wasn’t until 1984 that she fully embraced the Lord Almighty as her Savior and was baptized. Since then, her walk with the Lord has been strong. She is a curious scholar, teachable and an eager learner. Rev. Fortune has a Bachelor of Arts in Education & Theatre Arts from the prestigious University of Ibadan, Master of Arts in Education Technology from California State University, San Jose, and Master of Science in Healthcare Management from the University of Maryland Global Campus. She was awarded Doctorate Honorary Degree in Ministry by the West African College of Missionary Bishops. Her passion for the things of God inspired her to learn the Bible, the ministry of the Word, the ministry of prayer, ministerial ethics, as well as prophetic and revelatory teachings at Zoe Ministries' School of Prophets for about four years. In 2007, she leaned heavily on the Lord’s strength after being diagnosed with advanced cancer. After that blow, with her strong character coupled with the Lord’s grace, love, and guidance, she overcame the disease and emerged victorious and cancer-free. She desires to see the work of the Lord done at its best, especially when it comes to ministerial ethics. She is an active contributor to several Nigerian social, economic, and political platforms. She is the founder and the general overseer of “Julia Fortune Global Outreach Ministry,” which is scheduled to begin operation in the 4th Quarter of 2021 with the following goals: To offer humanitarian services to the less privileged members of the society in Africa and worldwide. She is a celebrated Non-Fiction and Fiction author with her books titled “Unveiling the Spirit of Politics in the Church”, “The Unbroken Spirit”, and “Chronicles of a Cancer Survivor. Julia loves God and the things of God, latch-hooking, cooking, taking long walks with her spouse and devoting attention to her adult children and lending supports when needed.

Books by Rev. Dr. Julia Fortune

the unbroken spirit: victory through a lifetime of perseverance

‘The Unbroken Spirit’ is a story about struggles against the oftentimes brutality of life. A life of disappointment and deception gets transformed into one of fulfillment and joy as a woman finds true love in the arms of a compassionate man. A woman who once went through seasons of sadness and hardships now has many records of accomplishments and a happy life. Through this story, you will discover that it is not impossible for the stumbling blocks of life to be turned into stepping stones; you will get to know how you too can turn obstacles to opportunities and weaknesses to strengths.

winning in life by prayers: discover the keys to winning the battles life throws your way

Simply put – prayer is a divine dialogue with God initiated by man, a holy romance between the natural and the divine, a wedding between the earthly and the heavenly, a binding together of the Lover and the Beloved. No rituals, liturgy, qualifications, titles or achievements required! Just come; speak and listen as God speaks right back to you. And that is what this book is all about. It not only teaches prayer, but also shows you how to get results when you pray. Reading this book will show you how to fellowship with God in prayer – no matter how busy you are; it will also show you how to shake the heavens and how to intimidate the devil and shake him out of your life! One thing is certain – you will be changed by this powerful book; you will experience the touch of heaven and be empowered to touch the lives of others!


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