Rex Miller

Books by Rex Miller

change your space, change your culture: how engaging workspaces lead to transformation and growth

Technology is widely accepted as a powerful business productivity tool, a lever. The office is not. It is even accounted for as overhead,  or sunk cost, something to manage and minimize.  Our case for space aims to uncover what companies lose with this mindset and what they could gain with a new understanding of how powerful the tools of design, space and place making are. For organizations that want to move at the speed of business changing their workspace is one of the fastest, easiest and most revealing tools to shift culture at the same pace. Unfortunately, today most buildings communicate in no uncertain terms that designing for people is low on our scale of priorities. In most offices less than fifty percent of space is being utilized. This is a drain on direct costs as well as the vitality of its employees. Employee engagement initiatives have often failed because poor employee engagement is embedded in the companys culture. Change Your Space, Change Your Culture reveals secrets from companies who have uncovered the relationship between engagement, culture, and space. 

humanizing the education machine: how to create schools that turn disengaged kids into inspired learners

Public education is in crisis and the numbers tell a story that can no longer be ignored. According to various polls, 70% of teachers are disengaged. The United States ranks last among industrialized nations for college graduation levels. Yet the current system of education and its school buildings, with teachers standing in front of a classroom lecturing to students, is entrenched, and nearly unchanged since the 19th century. The mission of this book is to spread hope for reform, and equip parents, educators, administrators and communities so they may become full partners in the human-centered learning revolution. This book gives a very compelling why and, more importantly, a clear roadmap for the new territory.


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