Risi Ogunbor

Books by Risi Ogunbor

the colour of true love

The Colour of True Love is a Spirit-led quest for the origin, forms, and expressions of True Love. It is a practical guide that uses easily relatable day-to-day scenarios and counsels on how to deal with them. This book is a must-read for Christian Leaders, Relationship and Marriage Counselors and indeed anyone who is married or in a relationship. Do you want to understand the kind of love expected from a child of God? Then you must read this book!

the mystery of creation

The Mystery of Creation is a book that seeks to unravel the nature of creation of giving a deeper understanding of the Creator Himself. This book traces the beginning of creation as is commonly known, and also digs deeper to provide great truths and insight into the story of creation, and how it relates to man. Do you want to discover your power as God's creative force on Earth? Then you must read this book.


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