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build your reputation: grow your personal brand for career and business success

Your reputation is what people say about you when youre not there. Its your most powerful asset for business growth, career enhancement and freedom of choice in many aspects of life. Yet too many people leave it to chance. They are a well-kept secret - great at what they do but nobody knows them. Its not enough to be the best. You have to be seen to be the best. By intentionally creating a credibility-packed personal brand, a powerful profile and a formidable name with your target audience, you attract all kinds of benefits, shortcuts and influence. The highest-paid and best known people in any company, industry or profession are not necessarily the most qualified, the most gifted or even the best. They are the ones who personally market themselves strategically and intentionally for the maximum impact. They win lifes popularity contests. They are liked, trusted and recommended. They are chosen, hired and introduced. They are influential and acclaimed. They get the best deals, the most interesting projects and the prime promotions. They make more money, attract more attention and associate with all the right people. In all but the most extreme cases, this doesnt happen by accident. Once you know what you want to be famous for and who you want to be famous with, you can quickly and purposefully create a go to reputation that makes you the stand out choice for whatever you do. This book shows you exactly how to do that!


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