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the check-in strategy journal: your daily tracker for business and personal development

The Check-In Strategy Journal has the unique combination of the no-nonsense, how-to design strategy at the front, where readerswill be able to work out their strategy/vision for the following year, followed by the Planner section that demands actions to achieve the goals and objectives set out in the first section, and acts as an accountability checker. The Check-In Strategy Journal helps directors, managers and CEOs to take control and ownership of their business performance. It becomes the guide, and the compass that they use to manage their time and activities.Using it becomes a 'way of life' for directors, managers and CEOs to ensure their aims and objectives are achieved for successful results. What makes this planner different from others is the almost addictive nature of such daily/weekly disciplines, the combination of a rigorous 'how to' process for defining the plan, followed by a planner where you note and assess your progress. CEOs and MDs cite time management, prioritisation and lack of accountability as major personal obstacles to achieving their goals - The Check-In Strategy Journal will help overcome these obstacles. They also cite a lack of simple plans, small wins and focus as the major business obstacles - again, this title will help them discover how to incorporate these things into their daily work routines. Reference material, case studies, additional examples, and sample filled-in worksheets will be available online.


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