Rois Ola

Rois is a certified Human Resource expert, financial operations expert, career and life coach, with years of experience as a relationship counsellor. A banker with over 13 years experience, she is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management. She is the CEO 1844 Solutions Limited with interests in training, skincare and beauty products,weight loss products and accessories. She has interests in fashion design with speciality in Adire and Aso Oke. She is also the Founder Hawkeye Peace Foundation: an NGO committed to empowering women and children. Rois is also the Administrator of St Rois Memorial schools. She holds degrees in Philosophy, Managerial Psychology, Educational Administration and Planning. She is married with two children.

Books by Rois Ola

the woman in the boardroom

Feminism, female empowerment and gender equality are not just buzz words today. The 21st Century has experienced a surge in the percentage of women in leadership and management positions in business and in government. Never before in history have women gained so much recognition for their skills and capacity outside the home. Yet, the ratio of men to women in these settings is abysmally disproportionate. The woman needs help and fast! In this book, Woman in the Boardroom, Rois Ola shows the woman simple and practical ways to beat the system and rise to the top of her career. It is short, punchy and liberating.

electra the superhero dog and the mystery of the missing boy

A little boy goes missing while running an errand for his aunt. Where could he have gone? When he is not found for days, Mrs. Moji visits Joke’s family for help. The Mystery of the Missing Boy is the first book in the series of The Adventures of Electra the Super Dog.


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