S. Chris Edmonds

Books by S. Chris Edmonds

the culture engine: a framework for driving results, inspiring your employees, and transforming your workplace

Most senior leaders put greater thought into their organizations products than they do its culture. Yet culture drives everything that happens in an organization day-to-day, including what the organization focuses on, whether problems are ignored or resolved, and how employees and customers are treated. How does one go about creating a culture, something that, on one hand, is so important, but, on the other hand, seems so amorphous? Through the creation of an organizational constitution. An organizational constitution is a formal document that states the companys guiding principles and behaviors. These liberating rules present the best thinking on how the organization wants to operate. Its a North Star that outlines the companys or teams clear playing field for performance and values. Purposeful Culture is the first book to show how to create a high performing culture through the creation of an organizational constitution. The book outlines who should be involved, provides samples of effective constitutions and valued behaviors, how to socialize the draft statement, and how to engage employees in the process from start to finish.


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