Dr. Solomon Gbamiga Fadipe F. F. is the founding Pastor of Christ Our Saviour Bible Church a.k.a End Time Salvation, 12, 1st Avenue, Peace Estate, Two Storey Bus Stop, Baruwa inside, Ipaja, Lagos State. He was formally a herbalist and a member of the Ogboni fraternity. As a cultural dramatist, he was involved in some stage drama. Solomon Fadipe's encounter with Christ changed the direction of his life as he became a new creature through repentance from sin and faith in Christ. He is an evangelist by calling, a lecturer in a Bible college, a teacher of God's word and a versatile writer with several books to his credit. He is happily married to Olufunke and blessed with children.


12 helpers you must have in the world with prayers

This book, the 12 helpers you must have is a powerful book and it is also a book that was inspired by the Holy Spirit to open many people's eyes that have given up on themselves or have become slaves to other people. No man can succeed alone, so it is important for a man to have people through whom he can succeed. Nothing can compare with having helpers in life. Having people that can help you is greater than knowing how to fast but most people have little or no knowledge about divine helpers and that is why the Lord has chosen to bring out this book to open the mind and hearts of many people to the kind of helpers they must have.

solutions to the signs of rising and falling in the dreams

Man cannot succeed more than the mark he sees in his dream. Having a careless attitude may affect such a person and whenever he sees the mark, he may not work on it because of this attitude. What I know is that there is no good thing that happens in the life of a man physically. It first happens in the spiritual, before manifesting in the physical. However, does God not reveal all to us in our dreams. “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law”. Deut. 29:29. What God wants people to know about events or the mark that will happen to them is what you can also know. The duty of man is to pray while God’s duty is to answer the prayers.


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