you almost got away with it

The stories in this collection examine various global but sublime issues such as rape, hatred, love and disappointment, vengeance, wrong perception, among others. Each story in the collection has a specific structure but a discernible reader cannot miss the organic thread that underlies them especially their universality of themes and the uniqueness of setting. What the author has done in some of the stories is to reposition the perception against reality by transposing, for example, a character from the hinterland into the commercial metropolis to experience depersonalization, obtain a first-hand experience and eventually make restitution. Through the activities of multiple narrators, the author took on daily lives and regular activities and metaphorically asks readers to re-examine their lives and pay closer attention to routine issues that had not earlier aroused their curiosity. This challenges the reader to becoming more introspective and to seeing a direct correlation between transparency, conscionable acts and spirituality of human existence. The setting of the stories is Nigeria but their universality is undeniable because the author uses metaphors, symbolism, images and other literary devices in breaking inherent confinement as the narrative unfolds.


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