Sable Rose

Warning: readers who read Sable Rose's books tend to turn into avid fans! Sable Rose is a romance writer and the author of erotic contemporary and paranormal romances and action adventures. Her books feature outspoken, independent and intelligent women who know what they want (and what they don't want), and who are not afraid to make the first move to get their man, if they have to. Their men are always swoon-worthy hunks, each a blend of naughty and nice that women find so irresistible. Sable hopes to one day find time to learn both pole-dancing and belly dancing. She adores traveling and has visited over 15 countries. She uses these experiences to craft her stories. Sable Rose lives in Lagos, Nigeria. No dogs yet. Definitely, no cats.

Books by Sable Rose

five stars in danger and debauchery

Three devastatingly hot angels, Xavier, Dominic and Augustine, attend an unveiling of a five-star hotel. At the party, they’re gifted with a couple of gorgeous female companions, escorts from an agency dedicated to entertaining angels, women groomed to please and satisfy these exceedingly well-endowed beings. But, these delectable morsels are not the only things on the menu for the three angels. They stumble onto a group of blood-drinkers responsible for the recent spate of missing girls in the city, and, in the process, are plunged into a confrontation with a deadly foe. A confrontation that could lead to the resumption of a cataclysmic war...

her seducing ceo (pleasing xavier 1)

She wants to be his girlfriend but all he can offer is life-changing, couch-overturning sex… For most of her life, soft-spoken and naive Tamara Abbey has known that angels once were on earth and they impregnated human females who gave birth to the first Nephilim. That was years ago. Now, there are no more angels left on earth. Now, Nephilim and humans try to live in peace, side by side. Then at a job interview, Tamara is offered a job as executive assistant to the conglomerate’s CEO. Her new boss is dreamy. Xavier Osagie. Wolf-eyed with cheekbones sharp enough to cut glass. But, it’s strange. She’s never seen him eat. He only sips from a flask. And, he carries around a gold-bladed weird dagger. What kind of CEO needs a dagger? Xavier is an enigma. Now he wants to have sex with her. But the catch is… He’s offering life-changing sex and nothing more. Life-changing sex. She didn’t know such a thing existed! But her dark and sexy boss with the most appealing amber eyes she’s ever seen is not the only thing on her mind. She’s been recruited by a shady group who call themselves the Soldiers for Unity. A group with a compelling message: There are still angels on earth...

her supernatural affair (pleasing xavier 2)

This inexperienced executive assistant bites off more than she can chew, working with her hotter than hot well-hung boss who may or may not be an angel… Naive Tamara Abbey is swept into a thrilling affair with her handsome boss, Xavier Osagie. She’s in love with Xavier. Willing to live her life on his terms. Willing to be a slave to his desires and needs. Even if it means having to act as a double agent for Xavier with the shady Soldiers for Unity group who believe her boss is an angel. Xavier, an angel? According to them, he may be one. Hiding in plain sight. Masquerading as a man. The Soldiers of Unity want to be sure of his identity first. Before they kill him. But, they need Tamara’s help to find out if he’s angel or human. Tamara is addicted to Xavier’s touch, a proponent for his cause. She will do whatever it takes to protect him from the Soldiers for Unity. Her boss has opened her up to a new, kinky but—oh, so enticing—world. How can she let go of all that?

her sensuous rebirth (pleasing xavier 3)

When you go angel, you’re a groupie for life… Tamara Abbey is a woman confused. Torn between a normal relationship with a colleague, Adam, and a fiery otherworldly affair with her dominating hotter than hot boss, Xavier Osagie. She’s in love with Xavier but he isn’t offering commitment. Adam is, though. When Xavier orchestrates a threesome involving Adam, although reluctant, Tamara agrees. That threesome changes everything for her. Meek Tamara is now dead and buried. Long live the New and Improved Version! In between finding herself and enjoying her newfound liberation, she joins forces with Xavier to battle a lethal group of angels named the Pure Ones who plan to release a deadly virus. A virus that could kill millions of people. Sometimes it seems she can’t catch a break. There’s always one group or the other hunting Xavier. If it’s not the Soldiers for Unity, it’s the Pure Ones. Well, this is the normal for the new Tamara. She’s kicking ass, taking prisoners, having life-changing sex and, hopefully, maybe, finally getting her happy ending.

hooking alexander (adoring angels 1)

One encounter with her and this angel is hooked… Despite being an erotica author, the owner of a trendy magazine and the hostess of several famous elite erotic parties, Renate Giwa is bored and in need of stimulation and inspiration. And, right on time, a stranger walks into the venue of one of her parties. All it takes is one look at Alexander Nasser’s hot eyes and smoldering body and Renate knows this night will be a night to remember. Used to silences and short conversations, smoldering-hot Angel Alexander is blown away after hooking up with enticing, free-spirited Renate. She breaks down his walls, turns his world upside down and shows him she’ll do anything for him, even if it means putting herself in danger.

unhinged by his white heat

He’s her first. She’s the one woman who’s making him rethink all his plans… What if you finally meet the perfect guy who treats you the way you want to be treated but the catch is that he can leave town at any time, and even worse, he has a dark secret? Web developer Kema Ekwueme, a feisty rebel, longs for a life like that in the movies – a life where heroes defeat the bad guys. And any day now, she’s expecting the man her brothers wanted her to marry – the man she still loves - to saunter back into her life. Then, Oliver, a sexy security agent and ex-marine, stares at her with those green eyes and Kema is already finding it hard to remember that her heart belongs to another. It’s even harder to resist Oliver as they partner together to investigate the death of a teenager and break up an underage prostitution ring. But not everyone is in favor of their relationship. Her family reminds her that she doesn't know much about Oliver. And it’s true; she has no clue that Oliver has a secret. An awful one. All Oliver can do is pray she never finds out about his past. Because if she were ever to learn the truth, any chance of their being together would be destroyed.

unhinged by his dark fire

She's his teenage crush. He's her younger brother's best friend… You're a young woman. Your younger brother is pissed with you because you're sleeping with his best friend and room-mate and your billionaire dad who controls your purse strings has given you an ultimatum to end the affair or else... Former model, Wumi Osoba has always lived a nice, perfectly planned – and a teeny bit boring – life. She is engaged to a man chosen by good old dad. So when she bumps into Dare DaSilva, a swaggering chocolate-eyed, soccer-loving hunk, she knows she should ignore the incredible attraction between them. After all, he is her younger brother’s best friend and room-mate. She should do the right thing. Or should she? Before long, Wumi is surrendering to this feral hunger, saying no to daddy's choice of husband and – OMG – punching her baby brother in the face.

unhinged by his fiery touch

He doesn't do relationships. She's not looking for love. All she wants is one kiss... You know you shouldn't fall for him. He's a bad boy, maybe a killer, and he appears to have slept with every attractive woman in your city. But, gosh, he's so hot, you can't help yourself. All ambitious, commitment-phobe Tari Johnson wants is to be head of a media conglomerate. She's not in the market for a man. And anyway, there are always men courting her, men she can easily control and that's all she needs. Tawny-eyed Steven Braithwaite is dangerous and plays by nobody's rules except his own. Part owner of a security company, former marine and ex-mercenary, Steven does women. He doesn't do relationships and the women always take whatever he offers. For Tari, Steven is unlike any man she's ever known and every instinct is telling her to run away screaming. But she can't. He's the spider and for the first time in her life, she's become the fly.

unhinged by him

Three gorgeous couples. A fashion show. A suicide bomber. Lots of scorching sex scenes… Welcome our sexy heroes and heroines from the Unhinged Series romance novels as they come together for the very first time in this novella for a heart-pounding and pulse-racing adventure that makes for one steamy, unmissable read. A one-of-a-kind fashion show in Nigeria's capital city, Abuja is targeted by suicide bombers and the elite agents of Olympus Security have only a few hours to save the day and foil the terrorists' dastardly plans. But this potentially explosive situation is eclipsed by the fiery heat our three passionate couples manage to generate all on their own.

tutoring the queen

She’s a sexually inexperienced queen. He’s her slave determined to teach her an unforgettable lesson… In a kingdom where repression is celebrated, a sexually inexperienced queen meets a handsome slave skilled in the art of delivering sensual pleasures… Having grown up under Divine Law, a law that promotes sexual repression, Queen Atania’s sexual experience is limited. Although, there’s that part of her that hungers for more. When she receives the gift of a slave taken from a neighboring kingdom named Roka, the absolutely most delicious-looking man she’s ever seen, Atania realizes that it’s her chance to explore the depths of that deep inner hunger. Unimpressed by her royal status, Roka sets about teaching her the joys of sexual liberation. Atania is swept away in an avalanche of desire by his kisses, touch and taste. But then Roka challenges her to take a stand: to choose him. What to do? But before she can make a decision, something calamitous happens. Having learnt that she has broken Divine Law, a faction of nobles seek to depose her. Queen Atania is facing a desperate situation; one she’s never encountered before. One that could lead to the loss of her throne, her liberty and her man…

give in to sin

SAINT VS. SINNER: WHO WINS? He’s struggling desperately to be celibate, to resist her charms. She doesn’t plan to take no for an answer… Sassy and uninhibited TV host, Sade Braithwaite has an assignment: find a way to get Soma King, the hottest model in the country on her show. Not an easy task because he doesn’t do interviews. This is one assignment she isn’t looking forward to. The guy had dropped out of the seminary to become a model and his nickname is Saint Soma—of all things—because he is rumoured to be celibate. WTF? Boring! But just one glance at the sexy, over six-foot-tall giant is all it takes for Sade to fall head over heels in lust. She’s used to getting what she wants and now she’ll do everything in her power to make him give in. Noble, reserved Soma really wants to do the right thing and resist this annoyingly enticing woman, but in the back of his mind, he knows... He’s no match for her.


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