Sade Kenny Obasohan

Books by Sade Kenny Obasohan

angels on heels: tongues. classy. womanity.

Over the years, I have been encouraged by people's comments on my comportment and quite a good number of friends and associates have also attested to having been inspired by my love to serve, look, and sound excellent. My demonstration of style and class over time often make a lot of people refer to me as "the Classy Pastor". The book in your hand is a demonstration of this call and passion. I believe that God is behind the choice of its title. I never sat to think of it; I would say it came to me out of the blues. However, it communicates my passion, calling, and purpose. As a man, for as long as there is a woman (wife, mum, sister, niece, aunt and girlfriends or just female associates at any level) whom you love and desire to see flourish more, then this book is a must pick and read for you." - Sade Kenny Obasohan


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