Sally Kenneth Dadzie

Sally Kenneth Dadzie is a blogger, wife and mother based in Lagos, Nigeria. From early childhood, she bore the weight of an active imagination that often pushed her to reclusion. Years would pass before she would find the pluck to put those imaginations to words. She began with stage dramas for her local church, and moved on to short stories, and then, web series on her blog. Finally, she found the courage to pick one of those series and put them together in her first novel, Fish Bran Clan. She has gone on to write ten more books. Sally has twice been named one of the most influential writers under 40, and has bagged the award for Fiction Writer of The Year in 2017 by the Nigerian Writers Awards.

Books by Sally Kenneth Dadzie

the fourth finger

If you want to know what happens in a marriage where a woman cheats on her husband with his best friend, read this. It's not just an intriguing story about infidelity. It runs deep with a collection of true stories that talks about love, hate, revenge, forgiveness, abuse, faith and yes, even incest. The Fourth Finger is a deep emotional journey into the complications of the modern day Nigerian relationship. You won't regret reading it.


Dugo tells the journey of Dugo, a fifteen-year-old girl, sold into sex slavery by the mother of the boy she falls in love with. The story details Dugo's harrowing experience in Italy and her fight to live above her struggles.

love brain clan

When Amaka attends her ex-boyfriend's wedding to prove to everyone that she has gotten over him, she doesn't expect him to drag her back into his life by mentioning her name at the altar, instead of his wife-to-be's. The wedding is called off and Amaka now has to choose between taking him back or moving on with her life. Things don't get easy for her as her friends and sisters feel like he's the best to ever happen to her.  Love Brain Clan isn't just about Amaka and her choices. Her circle of friends and the men that affect their existences are also thrown into the mix. It is a page-turning book of multiple love lives and complex relationships.

love brain games

When Amaka attends her ex-boyfriend's wedding to prove to everyone that she has gotten over him, she doesn't anticipate that he would drag her back into his life by mentioning her name at the altar, instead of his wife-to-be's. Time has passed since James' faux pas at his wedding. He is with Amaka now, but things aren't as straight as they are supposed to be. Both of them must rediscover their love and decide if they still want to be together. Love Brain Games as a sequel to Love Brain Clan is about three friends, the men that may or may not affect their existences, and the relationship bonds they make with the people that matter to them. It is a page-turning book of multiple love lives and complex relationships in modern day Nigeria.

fish brain vows

Fish Brain Vows is the third book in the Fish Brain Series, a sequel to Fish Brain Clan and Fish Brain Games. In this volume, Amaka and her friends finally take on the responsibilities that come with committed relationships. Amaka finds herself protecting her marriage from a determined ex; the obsessive baby mama, Onagite, seeks new diabolic means to entrap her son's father; Kyenpia loses her mind when the two men in her life take rivalry to a whole new level; and Fiyin battles with staying faithful in her relationship. If you found the first two books engaging, you wouldn't want to miss this!

fish brain madhouse

Fish Brain Madhouse is a sequel to Fish Brain Clan and Fish Brain Games and Fish Brain Vows. Crazy takes on a different face in this volume as things spiral out of control for Amaka and her beau. Kyenpia finds herself on the verge of making a life commitment to one man while her heart is stuck on another. Fiyin still struggles with staying faithful in her relationship and Leonel bags the scum of the year award by an act of unfaithfulness. While some hearts break, some find love and healing. This concluding book gives closure to all your favorite characters in the Fish Brain Series.

his little black book

The “Little Black book” follows the story of Anna, a brilliant IT specialist trying to get her life back on track after series of failed attempts; Leo, a billionaire hotel entrepreneur breaking boundaries to keep his business afloat; and a Little Black Book of gorgeous women, unfolding truths and hidden desires between them.

novocaine knights

A rich father, his spoilt daughter, a former stripper, a drop-dead gorgeous mami wata worshiper, a doctor with a dark past, a serial rapist, an award-winning actress and a DJ in love with his best friend, all come together in this interesting, page-clicking multi-character story. It’s love tales interwoven together. It’s about family and friendship. Read how a man in love does all he can within his professional power to ensure that he keeps his woman. Marvel at how a woman sent to destroy a man falls head over heels in love with him. Enjoy the story of best friends turned lovers. And bite your fingers when the villains get their way and meddle in the lives of the innocent.

it's another saturday...

Jide is the The Bridemaker. He’s slept with more women than he can possibly ever remember but he falls in love with just one. The one who becomes more than he can handle.

to tame a virgin

Find out what happens to a young guy from a simple background when he falls for a wild virgin who is out of his league and is also the source of entertainment for a bunch of guys online who want to see her lose her virginity by all means.

in the name of papa

Everyone has something to hide. Nasty skeletons in the closet, a secret child, a scorned mistress… George Omotosho, the founder of Bethel Covenant Center, fondly known as Papa by his congregation, is about to be hit with a series of scandals that would shame the pope. His family is not left out in the drama, particularly his daughter-in-law, Loveth, who has her own nasty past to deal with.

stranger in lagos

Halim Diobi is set to marry Eben Nosakhare, the perfect picture of a dream husband. Their wedding promises to be the talk of town, and all their plans seem to fall in place. Eniola Adeoye has plans of her own as well, centered on Eben Nosakhare and finding a new beginning in Lagos. Things don’t go quite as intended for all three, as unexpected curves ahead get in the way of their goals and leave them facing new realities in Lagos. They become strangers to each other, even though they are so close. Stranger In Lagos is not your typical love story; neither does it follow the path of the usual Lagos story. Sally Kenneth Dadzie tells an enthralling and gripping tale of four young people, living their best lives and struggling with ghosts from the past in the city of vermin and lost souls.

no heart feelings

Jimi's darling wife, Marie, passes away and he buries her. He's left to pick the shards of his life and at the same time care for their baby. He thinks his life is over, until watching the news one day, he spots Marie in the arms of another man. She is pregnant and they seem in love.

the black witch

When Idris and Victoria Bahago sold themselves to the most powerful man in the country to climb the social ladder, they didn’t imagine their daughter, Bianca, being part of the bargain. On the night of Bianca’s eighth birthday, she was abducted from her home. Her parents would not see her again until she turned sixteen. She didn’t return to them as the daughter they knew. Bianca had become a puppet in the hands of the man who had taken her—a soulless and bloodthirsty killing machine. But the senseless murder of her best friend shook her reality and pushed her to seek meaning in a life that no longer made sense to her. Her mission was to enact judgment on the powerful men who oppressed the weak and helpless, and she executed this without mercy. People began to believe that she walked through walls, disappeared and appeared at will, moved about only at night, and of course, possessed untold supernatural powers. She was called the Black Witch, most dreaded amongst women—and men.


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