Sayo Okpaise

Sayo Okpaise is a Nigerian writer. She was born in London but moved to Lagos, Nigeria before she was one, and grew up there. At thirteen years old she started boarding school in the UK and went back home to Lagos where her family lived during school holidays. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the UK, and then she worked in Lagos for a year. After this year she moved to London and worked in strategy consulting for two years. During this time she founded a website called Living & Contributing where she released the I Am Nigerian series, which received positive reviews that encouraged her to take her passion for writing more seriously. She enrolled in a Creative Writing continuing studies course at Stanford University, where she developed her manuscript and turned the series into this first book. She currently divides her time between London and Lagos.

Books by Sayo Okpaise

i am nigerian you might be too

Sayo Okpaise uses narrative prose and poems to unpack societal issues in Nigeria, such as sexism (specifically the issue of women being encouraged to aspire to marriage as a life goal), ageism, elitism, and the negative impacts of making life decisions based solely on money. She details her personal challenges in finding herself and pursuing her passion, while coming to realise that the standards within her community do not have to dictate her life goals or her aspired level of success.


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