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Rose was on the run. She knew the demons of her past were chasing her. The minute they catch up with her, she’d be back living her old life, which was lived on her back or dead. So, when a little dirt road beckoned to her, she took it, hoping for a place to lay low for a couple of days. Lael was in the form of a male. When was the last time that happened? Then, he was living, breathing, and walking the earth plane. His hell beast was rejoicing, but he knew that pain was around the corner. When Rose showed up, he was forced to acknowledge that something had changed in his life. Together they agreed that demons were real and there was one out to kill her. Could they work together to find a way to defeat it? And if they fell in love, would that be so bad? To be together, they would have to defeat a demon and pray the Mist didn’t come to reclaim Lael. This book is for 18 and older


Moxie’s skill with a gun was valuable to the demons. Blood-covered bullets and a cold heart are her life. Rada’s life was about protecting his family and his heart. The thought of finding someone who may be able to touch it scared him. What happens when a former assassin and a hell beast come together? Fireworks and the shaking of the very foundations their lives were built on. Together they would learn what it meant to stand outside of time. Would any of that matter when death was stalking them, intending to make their future a double coffin? Can love survive when their lives are on the line? 18 and older


Read the final book in the romantic, fast-paced adventure series Between Heaven and Hell Jayla’s hands dripped with blood, and her heart was shredded. The only road to redemption was the one she didn’t want to take. Asa was surrounded by a wall that kept the family he loved distant. To get close, he’d have to face the thought that he may let them down. When the female on a suicidal mission meets the hellhound unable to love, time stood still. Before it would resume, their destiny would try to pull them apart. Could you love someone so much that you were willing to die for them? They were about to be tested. If they passed, then the real tests would begin. Sometimes the fate of the world rested on the least likely heroic shoulders. For readers 18 and older

genesis: falling for the hybrid

“Let there be life,” a solemn scientist uttered as he played God. A single Hybrid opened his eyes, changing the course of humanity. Lucien was living without hope for a mate while the military pursued him. Everything changed the minute he looked at Avery. Now he was not only fighting for his people but for a chance to experience love. Avery was barren, living in a world that only prized women who could have children. Her right to live and die exploded the minute she accepted a drink from a Hybrid and a spark of hope ignited between them. They became the couple the world hated, danger stalked them, reporters hounded them, and the military wanted the streets to run red with their blood. War was raging. Could a romance doomed from the start survive? Who would win?

genesis: the soldier and the hybrid

Eden woke up in the Hybrid city, not knowing how she got there. The military wants her dead, and she wants is to understand why Jaziel makes her heart beat faster. They have branded her a liar and a traitor. She's on the run for her life. Jaziel has been given the task of watching the prisoner. Life would be easier if he knew why she smiled like sunshine and made him feel at peace. Was she the hero of her people, a spy to take down the Hybrids or the female he has been waiting for? Time was running out, and a target was placed on Eden and Jaziel’s heads. They were wanted dead or alive. There was no time left, and they had to decide if the first bloom of romance and the possibility of a relationship was enough to establish trust. If not, someone would die. Was love worth placing your life on the line for?

heaven can wait

Neveah was on the run. Her parents didn’t like her lifestyle and were determined to put an end to it. What she didn’t expect was the purple guy with the bedazzled face, who said he would help her if she went willingly with him. Rale was looking for a needle in a storm. A mythical female who his people said didn’t exist and yet he found her on a blue planet. Now he needed her to come willingly. Julze was the reason for the plan. The people on his planet would call him the wrinkle. He was dying and needed both his mates; a male and a female to save his life and form a stable triad. Now that they were together, they needed to get to know each other while dealing with pirates and others that wanted to tear them apart. There was a computer with an attitude and more than a little mayhem happening. Diaster was waiting to happen. Was it worth risking it all for a chance to love?


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