Seth Merrin

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the power of positive destruction: how to turn a business idea into a revolution

Seth Merrins successes have one thing in common: He saw problems as opportunities when the rest of the industry considered them simply the cost of doing business. He wasnt afraid to call out inefficiencies, ineptitudes and unfair practices, and create change. Merrins role has not been that of a whistle blower, but a change agent who alters industry by working inside it, leveraging all resources available, and developing technology and innovation to spark positive change. And though his ideas were not always (read: never) readily embraced by the establishment, Walls Streets so-called rabble rouser never took no for an answer. If It's Not Broken, Break It is for anyone who sees things not as they are, but as they could be, who believes there are always disruptive opportunities within industries, that the incumbents will not be the change agents, and who is not afraid to act quickly. With inspiration from Merrins incredible personal story, and with his no-nonsense common sense actionable advice (Merrins Maxims), readers will be inspired to tap the power of positive destruction to transform their companies, their industries, and the world.


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