Seye Awopetu

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excuse! not an option

If you ever find yourself at a critical crossroad in life, depressed as a result of life's daunting challenges or you simply find yourself desiring answers to difficult questions that life has thrown at you, then this is the book for you. This book offers practical and pragmatic insights and answers from both biblical and experiential standpoints that will help you scale through life's challenges with ease while maximizing the your God-given potentials, surmounting your excuses and ultimately push you into fulfilling your heaven-ordained destiny. Yes, you can do it!

securing the future of your family

Securing The Future Of Your Family is a friendly legal book written purposely to encourage readers to safeguard their families while they are alive, so that other people will not have to do it while they are no longer alive. The consequences of not doing this is very grave, and once can only wish and hope that readers will avoid such pitfall by heeding to the advice given in this book.


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