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feel good: how to change your mood and cope with whatever comes your way

An everyday mood control book helping the reader to feel happier, more confident, more upbeat about the day ahead or to improve their attitude and responses towards people or situations in their life and work. Chapter 1 - Background Chapter 2 - Hope How people make decisions; Reasoning; Understanding risk Chapter 3 - Anger Wanting change; Do we have to change beliefs?; What do you really want? Chapter 4 Self-Efficacy What is Self-efficacy?; Healthier lives; How to apply self-efficacy in practice? Chapter 5 - Distress Physiology of anxiety; Exposure; Distress tolerance Chapter 6 - Unhappiness What doesnt work; Risk behaviours; Thoughts and Beliefs; Confirmation bias; What keeps unhelpful beliefs going? Chapter 7 - Happiness A definition of happiness; Motivation to change; Confidence Chapter 8 - Self-esteem What is self-esteem?; What is it on the inside?; What is it on the outside?; Measuring improvements Chapter 9 - Leading a balanced lifestyle How did I get here?; Balanced behaviours; The power of memory Chapter 10 - Relaxation strategies Mindfulness; Progressive muscle relaxation; Dont forget to breathe! Chapter 11 -Where to from here Maintaining progress; Preventative strategies; Creative solutions Including techniques from both CBT and the practice of Mindfulness in an informal and accessible style. Throughout the book the authors will reassure the reader that the techniques are grounded in academic theory and research without going into lengthy academic detail and distilling this into advice and logic that the layman will be able to use and to understand.


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