Simi Joel

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missing - a short story

Away from home, in the service of her country, Eunice is relishing her independence. Everything changes when in one fleeting moment of curiosity, she is abducted. In captivity, she makes a new friend. A young boy whose tie to her abductors may be her ticket to freedom. On the outside, Eunice's friends get caught in a web of fear, conflict and desperation. The web weaves tighter when an outside source gives them a tip that leads them to uncover a mind-boggling political conspiracy. As the days pass, they must work fast and together. Their survival depends on it. 'Missing' is a story woven around the lives of four Youth Corps members and explores friendship, independence, politics and crime. Set in Benin - Nigeria, Missing is a thrilling story that keeps you riveted till the end.


At first sight, Teni is only a woman working hard at her craft, doing good to others and looking forward to marriage. Then one afternoon, an innocent young girl walks into her office to tell her a story. There, the buried scars from Teni's abusive past re-open. She's laden with the responsibility of helping the girl and her family, but can she find the strength to do so? Ranti on the other hand has it all. A comfortable family, growing career, and a promotion ahead. Until she loses someone dear and reconnects with a former lover. Another chance at happiness is within her reach, but only if she can grow past her fears. These two women without choice, are thrust face to face with their past. Can they see beyond their hurts to embrace forgiveness? Would they put their professed faith to action? Can the things they both hold dear survive their separate journeys? Scarred is a story that poignantly depicts the struggles of two women as they try to navigate life in the face of the changing landscapes of their emotional lives.

the deal

In a stroke of ill-fate, Kolade, a struggling job seeker in Lagos finds himself indebted to a man who saved his life. To pay his debt, he has to do one job. He makes a deal, and can’t stop looking over his shoulder after that…


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