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the presentation lab: learn the formula behind powerful presentations

Due to an array of errors and oversights, most business presentations fail to deliver; and, while it is all too easy to blame the ubiquitous death by PowerPoint on poor design, the overuse of bullet points or an ill prepared or nervous presenter the root cause is something more fundamental than that. It starts with a lack of emphasis and investment in powerful presentations. As with many issues, once the problem is recognized, a solution can be found. That solution starts with using the authors unique Presentation Optimization methodology. Presentation Optimization explains each step of this process, supported by real life examples, with a wide range of companies from across the globe; from multinationals to smaller start-up companies. The inclusion of simple, practical exercises will enable the reader to apply the steps to their own presentations, challenging their thinking on messaging, content and design. Once established, the framework is transferable to any one of the numerous presentation platforms on the market today allowing the presenter to select the right tool to fulfill the needs of their audience and therefore deliver the most powerful presentation experience for everyone involved.


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