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40 frugal rules for your journey to financial freedom

Financial freedom or independence is first of all, a journey and then, a destination. It can literally be explained as having enough income to fund your living expenses, for the rest of your life, without having to work full time. There is no one way to achieving this. For some, it is easy to achieve financial freedom through investing and saving over a long period, while others just go ahead to build successful businesses that will generate income to fund all aspects of their lifestyle requirements. Whichever way, financial freedom cannot be achieved without the application of basic and sound financial rules. No one arrives 'there' just by chance; everyone has got to work their way into Financial Freedom/Independence. The book contains practical and simple tips that will revolutionize the financial lives of the readers.

rubies of wisdom

Rubies of Wisdom is a study of many inspiring female characters of the Bible and their different approaches toward financial and business issues. It’s amazing to find out the deep financial insights displayed by these women; insights that are still very apt for this generation. One thing is certain: women are natural nurturers who are very able to effectively manage and multiply their God-given resources and that's exactly what this book will show you how to do. You may use this devotional book individually in your personal studies or in group studies with other women...

the real profit

The objective of this book is simple; To equip anyone that reads it, whether as a current or aspiring business owner with the basic and necessary financial know-how for running their business. This knowledge is inclusive of things you need to know about the financial side of your business like: differentiating sales from profit; understanding the importance of liquidity; how you should segregate between your business finance and personal finance; understanding your financial statements and basic ratios plus a few other critical hacks that will plant your business on a solid footing and enhance its profitability.

fit-to-fly financial plan

A lot of people navigate life daily, with a nagging feeling about their personal finances. More often than not, a mindset change and commitment to financial responsibility makes a lot of difference. A good place to start from, is an assessment of your finances, embracing financial literacy and creating a bespoke plan that serves as a blueprint for all you desire to achieve with your finances. In Fit-To-Fly Financial Plan, Sola Adesakin holds you by the hand as you create a financial plan in line with your goals and aspirations. As you understand and implement the _Sola Adesakin Financial Freedom Model; that encompasses financial education, literacy, intelligence and more, you understand better, the process of wealth creation and accumulation.


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