Somi Uranta

Books by Somi Uranta

contradictions: lesson from the school of life

Contradictions: Lessons from the school of life springs out of lived experiences, it tells of the paradoxes and ambiguities of life, it derives from reflections on the – hard knocks of life. The book simply exhibits human existential moods, encouraging us to be die-hards and undaunted in the face of seemingly insurmountable vicissitudes. Vividly explored in the book is the theme of facticity, those brute facts of life that we meet as we become aware of our existential conditions. Yet, we can do nothing to alter such brute facts which we are born with and into which we grew in our daily transactions. This book will help the reader unravel, in an intimate manner, those obvious contradictions that sometimes cast shadows on our understanding of life and reality.


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