Sophia Bernard

Romance Fiction Writer Self-Published Author I enjoy writing love stories, love notes and inspiring quotes.

Books by Sophia Bernard

pretend engagement

"I am more than how my body looks, and it's time I, and everybody else, realise it." Growing up with brothers who constantly teased her about her body, and a mother who worried no man would ever want her, Callista Okoli has no real sense of self-worth. And thus lacking, she threw herself at Chukwudi Udolisa, even when he treated her no better than a passing pleasure. Now Chukwudi is coming home for the Christmas holidays, and Callista is desperate to prove she's moved on after he left her more than a year ago. She finds a 'pretend boyfriend' in her friend Mario, and together they set out to take the arrogant and self-important Chukwudi Udolisa down a peg, or two. But there's such a thing as two close for comfort, because all of a sudden, Callista and Mario are having all these feelings—and they don't want to pretend anymore. This is where we say happily ever after, except now there's a whole lot going on like bar fights, kidnap, and blackmail—and a disgruntled Chukwudi Udolisa.

a slice of heaven

Home is where you're loved, content and fulfilled." Saz is sure he knows where his home is, and is only in his father's hometown to sell his business and get back to it. But he meets the proprietor of A Slice Of Heaven, and she's every bit as tempting and sweet as her pastries, and all the things he didn't know he wanted. For Anya, the handsome young boy she once had a crush on as a girl is now a hot and sexy man, and finally hers to taste and enjoy. And it's all fun and pleasure until she falls in love with him, and is once again faced with losing another man she loves. Not to death this time, but to the other woman in his life. A Slice Of Heaven is a Magic Romance Series, where small town folks bring you big drama. This time the drama comes with the proverbial other woman, a little boy's happiness and a man and woman shoving off the obstacles in their way, to get a delicious taste of heaven.

all business

Ima loves her life just the way it is and has no plan of changing it anytime soon. But fate - or is it Cupid? - has a different plan, and she finds herself the new PA to the workaholic slave driver Director, Tekena Cookey. And the impossible man dares order her not to succumb to the illusion of finding him attractive on her first day. As if she would! But attraction, lust, and maybe love, happen and life at the offices of Pacific Edge Group goes from strictly business to kissing interludes and getaway weekends. It should be paradise, but Ima is worried she might just be another conquest on her boss's bed. For Tekena Cookey, finding his curvy and attractive personal assistant irresistible is like sliding into a mire. A scary mire because he doesn't just want a roll in the sack. *** ALL BUSINESS... #1 of the Workplace Romance Trilogy. Once it was strictly business, now it was irresistible pleasure. But what next?

definitely sealed

There is only one woman for Levi, and that is Kristi. But the man enjoys women, and that pleasurable weakness already has him in trouble, because Kristi now wants a divorce after two years of separation. Can Levi one last temptation, in the form of the deletable Zikora, and win back the love of the woman who truly matters? And can Kristi trust him again? *** In Definitely Sealed, #2 of the Workplace Romance Trilogy, Kristi and Levi are thrown together as joint owners of Mama's Kitchen Restaurant, and must find out if love, trust and a future together is for them again.

not fairy-tale

When one boyfriend breaks up with her to be with the woman his mother chooses for him, Fejiro doesn't consider it a loss. When another develops an attitude problem after a sexual interlude, she nurses her wounded pride and lands on her feet. But when she falls in love with Chef Cheta and realises that he is indeed the man her heart has been searching desperately for, Fejiro knows, beyond every doubt, that love, romance and happily ever after are not just fairy tales. They are real, but only when if you want them enough to fight for them. And while she is fighting in the one way she knows how, Cheta Nnanna is not convinced the romantic-head woman in his life is ready for true commitment... That is, if he is ready, himself, to offer it. *** Not Fairy-Tale is the #3 story of the Workplace Romance Trilogy.

playing his game

Dinah Eke finds a love letter from her one-time crush and soon discovers it's only a ploy to make her his conquest, and brag about it to his clique of bad boys. Well, they do say two can play the game, don't they? With the single goal to outsmart an unscrupulous player, she makes her plans, sets the plot, and casts her net with the most irresistible bait... herself. And no, it doesn't count that the letter is a decade old. For Oliver Kenudi, life seems to be presenting him a second chance, and there's no earthly reason to resist temptation twice. But succumbing to temptation usually has its consequences, doesn't it? *** Playing His Game, a Flirty & Feisty Series.

something called love

"Don't ask me to marry you." That's Clara Ani's desperate plea to her boyfriend. It's Valentine's Day, and she suddenly realises she wants true love. Aiming to be struck by Cupid's arrow, she goes off to a nightclub. And while enjoying her Long Island cocktail, she sets her gaze on a man...and they share a kiss. But a nightclub is not the place to find love. Or is it? Ronald Silas doesn't believe in love. All his life he's set goals for himself and achieved every one. Now he intends to marry millionaire heiress, Frannie Duke, and nothing is allowed to stand in his way. Not even the woman he can't seem to forget.

her love story

Drinks, dinner and sex. Just for Valentine's Day. That's the offer Frannie Duke makes to Ejaife Godfrey. They share a mutual sexual attraction, so it works well. She will not be lonely and alone on Valentine's Day, and he will have his needs satisfied. One night together, and they go back to staying out of each other's way, since they also share a mutual dislike. If all the millionaire heiress with a self-inflated ego wants is a stud at her service, Ejaife Godfrey is willing to play her game, but it will be on his terms. To begin with, he has no intention of being any woman's one night stand. They will soon discover it's not an easy come, easy go situation. Not when old feelings come alive and one night turns into a weekend, and another weekend. When time spent together arouses a wish for her own love story. This Valentine's Day, Frannie Duke wants to have Her Love Story. Is Ejaife Godfrey willing to be her hero?


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