Sophie David-Mbamara

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the sleep bible

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you wake up feeling like you barely slept at all? Are you always so busy that you sometimes forget to sleep? If you or someone you love has problems sleeping, always feel tired, or can't sleep at all due to anxiety, stress, or depression, help is here. The Sleep Bible is a step-by-step guide filled with tips, strategies, and psychological techniques targeted at better sleep and building better sleep habits, clued from the author's personal experience and backed by years of study and scientific research by top experts around the world. You will gain: 1. First-hand knowledge of managing sleep disorders including insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, sleepwalking, and night terrors. 2. Secrets of balancing your work life and your sleep health 3. Effective lifestyle adjustments you need to INSTANTLY improve your sleep. 4. Insider knowledge on how to fall back asleep when insomnia hits. 5. How to manage depression, stress, or anxiety-induced sleeplessness with meditation. If you have been looking for a long term, natural solutions to your sleep problems, The Sleep Bible contains all the information you need to guide you on your journey to better sleep! It comes fully equipped with The Sleep Companion: A CTAA approved Self-hypnosis Sleep meditation music that has proved over and over again to be highly effective for instant, deep relaxation and sound sleep.


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