Stella Agwor

Stella Agwor is married to her fine man, Abidemi, and they share their home in Essex, United Kingdom with their two curious and exceptional children. Stella is an author, inspirational speaker, encourager, prayer minister, grief counsellor, and an identity, healing and wholeness mentor. She loves reading, watching cooking shows, travelling and exploring new cultures and cuisines.

Books by Stella Agwor


This is a book like no other. It invites you to embark on a 40-day transformational journey of confronting tethers — known and unknown — that could be limiting you. The author draws you in with her witty, endearingly vulnerable style of storytelling as she explores themes of identity, faith, relationships, healing from the heartaches of life, living purposefully and many more. Each chapter tackles a tether and coaches you in crafting your own strategies as you reflect and journal so you can be intentional about your journey to breaking free. Untethered will inspire, encourage and challenge you to break free, and experience healing and wholeness so you can become all that God intended for you to be.


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