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the personal business plan: a blueprint for running your life

We are all prisoners of our own past. No matter what, we look at the world through the lens of experience. And too often, where we come from dictates where we are going to. But is that the way we want to live our lives? Wouldnt we prefer to decide by ourselves where we are heading both in our professional and in our personal lives? Wouldnt we prefer to be able to reach our full potential? Of course we would! However, its not always possible on our own to implement the psychological transformation that is needed in order to reinvent ourselves. The good news is that help is on its way: The Personal Business Plan dissolves the readers self-limitations and creates a breakthrough a true sense of purpose and belonging. The reader will be able to identify his/her mission, critical success criteria and define his/her own agenda keeping to the point and prioritizing his/her own agenda, not being distracted by the daily e-mail bombardment and complexity. Most leaders have difficulties in applying their professional toolbox to their personal life however, this book will help them in making a personal decision and become surprisingly good at implementing it.   The Personal Business Plan is a comprehensive, credible, serious and field-tested guide for all ambitious career professionals on how to thrive in the job and simultaneously become a happier and more seasoned person. It will help the mature leader in his efforts to achieve his life ambition. Just as the author has changed the lives of hundreds of leaders, this book will change the lives of its readers, making them more learning agile by giving them a deeper insight into their self-limitations and thus allowing them to take control of their lives. This will in turn enable them to stay interesting dialogue partners and thereby remain relevant for others and for themselves. They will be able to capitalize on their competencies and their insights. The Personal Business Plan is genuinely transformational and inspirational. When the reader has developed his own Personal Business Plan he will look at the world in a different way he will have reduced complexity and created order in chaos.   Introduction What Can I Use The Personal Business Plan For? Chapter 1 What is My Situation? Chapter 2  How Can I Thrive? Chapter 3 When Do I Perform At My Best? Chapter 4 What Energizes Me? Chapter 5 Where Am I On My Personal Journey? Chapter 6 How Do I Become Happy? Chapter 7 How Do I Reinvent Myself? Chapter 8 How Do I Stand Out From Others? Chapter 9 What Is My Personal Business Plan? Chapter 10 What Have I Learned? Epilogue What Now? Your Personal Business Plan Toolkit


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