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visual content marketing: leveraging infographics, video, and interactive media to attract and engage customers

The Visually-Centric Business is a practical guide on how businesses can leverage visual solutions - infographics, interactive pictograms, animations and data-driven visualizations - to drive real business value.Other books on infographics tend to cover consumer and media-driven infographic content, and not so much business and technology-related topics. Given that visual content is king for conversion, lead generation, and revenue expansion, The Visually-Centric Business addresses how one can integrate and apply visual solutions writ large - infographics, interactive pictograms, animations, and data-driven visualizations - to meet demanding business goals. In addition to showcasing industry-specific actual visual solutions in play, The Visually-Centric Business shows how to source and manage suppliers, and leverage the visual solutions to achieve the correct business results.


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