Stephen Wholesome

Born in Abeokuta, Nigeria, Stephen Wholesome grew up in Ogbomoso and its suburbs (Iresa-Adu, Igbeti, Ilu Otun and Orile-Dada) where he mastered the art of farming and at the same time, the art of writing. He draws most of his writings from this experience, a season that lasted the most part of his first thirty years. A graduate of the English Department, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Wholesome is a skillful copyeditor and has worked with a team of editors in editing several nonfiction books that are now published. He currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria, where he freelances as a writer and copyeditor. Introspection is his first book.

Books by Stephen Wholesome

introspection: a poetry series in heptastichs

A series of seven-line poems that captures the need and desire of every individual to find meaning and relevance in a society bedecked with competitions. The essence of Introspection is to point your attention, dear Reader, to the things you have been overlooking and help harness the power within you to achieve your set goals in life. The book explores the Nigerian society artfully, particularly, the Yoruba culture and its beauties, as seen under headings such as Lagos, Ogbomoso, Iroko and The Land. It also addresses both negative and positive societal concerns that clamour for attention, such as poverty, bad road (Ogbomoso), bad governance (The Land), crime and recidivism (Interrogatives), and the influence of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Pinterest) on youths.


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