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when: the art of perfect timing

Timing is everything. It has profound effects on both our business and personal lives. Whether we are making strategic business decisions or the smallest personal choice, we must decide not only what to do, but when to do it. Act too earlyor too lateand the results can be disastrous. Based on a 20-year investigation into more than 2,000 timing issues and errors in business, politics, and even warfare, When presents a single and practical approach for dealing with timing in life and business. Good timing, Albert argues, is not just a matter of luck, intuition, or past experienceall of which may be unreliablebut a skill. He describes that skill and how it can be acquired by anyone who deals daily with the four classic issues of timing: When to act: When shows how to analyze the situation and decide on the best time to move. Risk factors: When helps you identify timing risks in advance and act in a way that will minimize uncertainty and have a positive impact on the outcome. How to proceed: When will show you that success is determined not merely by what we do, but by our choice of "temporal design"--meaning the right rate, sequence, and rhythm for implementing a course of action. Identifying timing issues in advance: When offers a way to identify and manage timing issues so that you are not blindsided by what could have been anticipated or prevented and was not. Timing issues are universal--they are timeless. Yet the timing of this book could not be more urgent: The dramatic pace of change in our world makes mastering timing ever more important. Engaging and counterintuitive, When will show everyone, regardless of the work they do, or the life they live, that "it's all in the timing."


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