Susan Olofu

DEAR SURVIVOR, which is a sequel to THE ESCAPE in this series, is an inexhaustible guide including strategies and survival mechanisms, specially and carefully written to survivors of abuse and domestic violence to help provide a pathway to healing, recovery, and freedom from the traumatic effects of narcissistic abuse. The book is designed to help clear the confusion and settle the anxiety that often overwhelm every survivor of abuse, thereby giving them the needed leverage to stop being a narcissist magnet and enjoy a thriving and fabulous life. This book is recommended for survivors of abuse and domestic violence who are at a loss as to what to do to get rid of the trauma, and also to victims who have made up their minds to quit their abusive relationships.

Books by Susan Olofu

the escape

THE ESCAPE is an intense and compelling compendium that provides relevant information concerning abuse and domestic violence. It answers most questions and clears common misconceptions about the subject matter. The book unveils the scope of abuse, the characteristics of abusers, and the psychology of victims. It explains why people fall victim and how to avoid it, and also establishes the connection between abuse and mental health disorder. The Escape is a must read by all, especially young people who are looking forward to going into relationships, and people who are already victims of abuse and domestic violence. It is also highly recommended for schools and religious institutions. For seminar and conference engagements, call this number: +234 706 202 1910 or email us at mcsussy24@gmail.com


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