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chichi goes to lagos

Chichi has just arrived in Lagos. She is in the dark about the job her friend does but she knows she drives expensive cars and lives lavishly. When Abigail introduces the job to her, she is annoyed and storms out on that first day to look for a job. Reality soon hits her and something changes inside her that day. Lagos is one big place and you will be treated badly if you roam around without purpose. She agrees to be a prostitute afterwards and admires many things about her friend especially her boyfriend, a banker. In the line of work, she falls into a trap along with Abigail. They are in a room, a red cloth hangs, a cutlass stands and rests on the wall. Their hands are tied. Two hefty men are coming for them.

women of the same breed

Umari is in love with a mentally unstable man despite supposedly having three children for her legal husband. However, this love goes back deep into her past. Umari’s sister-in-law, mama Friday, has just arrived from her husband’s house. Mama Friday had been chased out of her husband's house and accused of killing her husband. Umari sees this an opportunity to find an ally and she gets what she wants by playing tricks. The sister-in-law has a secret which no one must hear about. Umari also has a secret no one must hear about. This circle is also completed with Umari's husband who also committed some atrocities in the past. After getting the woman's secret, Umari uses it as her secret weapon. She also gets her husband's secret and plans to avenge.

30 days in captivity

Along with fifteen girls, Aisha has been kidnapped by a set of armed herdsmen. They are taken to a strange place far away from home and they are soon set to the task of satisfying these men. They are raped, maltreated, and housed like caged birds. Aisha, like other girls, wants her freedom. She is learning about the way of life and complicating two things. Should she stay and forget about home or should she try to escape and if failed, experience the wrath of these cruel men who have made it a habit to treat young girls like sheep that can be slaughtered or kept?

single at 37

Susan has been in relationships that ended bad. The men all seemed to have one thing in common and they wanted her wealth. She is a smart woman and found out their secrets in her own way. She fell in love with a young man of twenty-two while she was thirty-seven. He was a US returnee and a gentleman. She admired a lot about this boy, but the boy also has a girl who he fancies. The girl is a staff under Susan and her biggest competitor. What would Susan do to get a twenty-two-year-old man like Tunde to leave a young girl and choose her?

love in sambisa

Boko Haram terrorists had struck the village in Sambisa. Dr Agnes and Dr John were 5km from the village when the terrorists entered the village killing scores of people. They moved to the village and immediately set up a makeshift clinic where they attended to victims of the attack. These two were married and have suffered loss of loved ones in the ongoing war in Bornu. But this doesn’t stop them from entering into an illicit love triangle. Nurse Roseline wants a piece of the action. She is desperate but let’s nature take its course. Dr Agnes's son is missing in the ongoing war in Sambisa, she must find her missing son or lose her sanity. Dr John's son was killed by a crowd. Their marriage partners are still missing. On the third night in their new location, they engaged in a steaming lovemaking. When Nurse Roseline catches them, an interesting event follows between the three.

mr and mrs okon

Mr. Okon has pretended to be a good husband for many years. When his wife is hired into his place of work, he feels threatened. He begins to find ways to cover the mess he has done. He tries to cover the pit he has dug and still he longs for the body of women he has slept with. His secretary is afraid they might be caught. Amanda is happy that his wife is now member of the company. Mrs. Thompson doesn't care if his wife is around or not. But his life begins to fall apart when his wife finds out about Kemi, an IT student in the company.

good girl turn bad

Everything is going fine in Stella's life when she met Chukwudi. They are the best couple on earth after Romeo and Juliet. She didn't know Chukwudi has a secret plan and when she found out, her world became devastated. She moves from a good girl to a bad girl who controlled a kidnapping syndicate. This is all going fine until a man named Jackson comes into her life. The members of the gang are smart and they want a piece of the action. They can't keep quiet and when they had the chance, they struck. Will she sacrifice him like the others or will she sacrifice the relationship between them?

dance at the king's palace

Princess Aderanti has just reached the ripe age of 21. She must marry as it is customary in the village of Ilukunrin. King Adefarati must find a befitting suitor for his daughter, princess Aderanti. In another village, Olumo, the son of Ajantala grew up to hear about his father's crime. By this time, his father was already serving the punishment of the crime, which is being banished from the land. The father wants Olumo to return and live in the land of Ilukunrin. But it is not going to be an easy fit. The opportunity comes when Olumo falls in love. It seems to be his only chance but there is a rule in the land. He must wrestle another man to marry the Princess. Would he defeat the mighty Olumba?

40 techniques to end masturbation

This book was written to help people suffering from masturbation addiction. Masturbation is affecting lives of millions of people around the world. It has left many people sad, lonely and depressed. Millions of people are looking for solution to this addiction but it appears there is no concrete techniques to stop this dreaded addiction. This book was compiled based of techniques made from several researchers to help with masturbation addiction. While all the techniques may not work for you, you can choose to use one or two techniques that you feel will be effective to ending this habit. The first chapter discusses the commonly asked questions about masturbation. Masturbation is a very sensitive topics and a lot of false truths are been circulated. While masturbation may be a bad vice, it has little consequences if done moderately. Many people believe one can catch STD by masturbating, this is absolutely false. Many people also believe masturbation causes erectile dysfunction, there

poultry farming guide

This practical guide on poultry business will help anyone interested in going into the poultry business. It covers several areas of the poultry business such as cost of set up, setting up a hatchery, feed production, distribution and marketing of poultry products as well as poultry diseases. With the boom in Nigeria’s population and the fact that this population increase is certain to continue over the next 50 years, it’s expected that this population increase is going to further give credence to the fact that the future for Nigeria is in agriculture. A report by ThisDay Newspaper in 2017 shows that Nigeria’s poultry farming industry is worth over 1.2 trillion Naira as of the end of 2017. Nigeria’s egg production capacity in Nigeria is the largest in Africa, and it’s expected to experience a steady increase in demand over the next decade. Nigeria banned the importation of chicken from 2003 to date, and that banned led to an increase in demand for poultry farm products and invariably

live and work in canada: the practical guide

This guide on living and working in Canada provides you with all the details you need to live and work in Canada. It contains the visa types, Canadian visa application process, how to apply for Canadian citizenship, living cost, list of cheap Canadian Universities and their tuition fee, as well as tips for passing the IELTS exam. Choosing to immigrate to Canada is a decision that involves living in one of the safest and most secure countries in the world. Being a citizen of Canada gives you the opportunity to enjoy free health benefits, and call a nation with the fourth richest natural resources and 16th largest GDP as your home country. Migrating to Canada guarantees you of a life that's more joyous and prosperous. Also, Canada is tolerant of people of color, as the nation ranks among the friendliest places to live. Canada is a highly developed nation with companies that are at the forefront of driving technological advancement . It is definitely a place to live and work.


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