francis okaformbah

I am a a self-taught digital marketing expert and personal development trainer. I am the current CEO and head of the marketing department of Siscomedia Ltd – a digital marketing and Technology firm. A business I started with just N300 in 2005. I organize and give trainings on a variety of topics including; digital marketing, entrepreneurship, productivity, new media, marketing and using talents to earn income, at seminars and workshops regularly and have so far trained several successful entrepreneurs and individuals in my over a decade sojourn as an expert in these fields. So far authored How To Sell on The Internet and A to Z of Goalsetting books and four other fiction books under a pen name - Doctor Tansi.

Books by francis okaformbah

how to sell on the internet

How to sell on the internet is a digital marketing and business book that not only helps dispel the misguided and uninformed myths about making money online in Nigeria, Africa but also teaches how one can use the resources, tools and current business, talents or knowledge one has to earn consistent and long term earnings on the internet. Packed full with down to earth advice, templates, tools kits, case studies and examples, anyone can learn the basic secrets of how to sell online and also use any of the 11 models advocated by the author. Its such a great book the author is willing to refund book buyers, if they cant reach their marketing and income goals after a few weeks of purchasing and implementing the strategies inside.


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