Bartending For Dummies, 5th Edition
Bartending for Dummies, 5th Edition, features the traditional knowledge every bartender should have, as well as: Detailed information on how to properly stock a bar with the latest and greatest glassware and tools. Expanded coverage on making exotic frozen/blended specialties and specialty coffees. Experimenting with the new flavor/buzz in Bourbons and Scotcheshoney! The latest flavored rums, gins, ryes, and of course vodkas (buttered, waffle, sherbet, and marshmallow flavored are just a few new editions). New coverage devoted to craft distillershot trend! Fun, new ways to garnish (even flaming options), rim, and serve drinks like a master mixologist. Tips on creating unique punches and even non-alcoholic drinks. The latest tips and advice on curing hangovers and hiccups.
Author : Ray Foley
Published : 2014
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Teens(11yrs - 17yrs)
Category : Business
Number of Pages : 120

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