Raising Teenage Millionaires
Are you wondering what the “7-7-10 Formula For Wealth Creation” is all about? It is the latest concept and a necessary addition to the increasing volumes of wealth creation theories which many motivational speakers and authors have served their listening and reading audiences in recent times. You need to be fed with something fresh if you want to do anything new. The formula was created from the overall idea and outline of this book. The book has 7 short chapters, six of which begin with the concept of “7” as the anchor of the chapter titles. With that, we have the idea of “7-7”. The last chapter has a different numeral anchor. It is the only one that begins with figure 10 as the foundation of the chapter idea. Putting everything together, we have “7-7-10” plan of the book. Having listened to many outstanding motivational speakers on wealth creation, and having read volumes of books on the subject, the missing link we have observed so far is that most materials on the subject are not particularly addressed to the teenage years of prospective millionaires. This missing link is what we supplied in this book. The new concept is to make the principles of wealth creation, especially among teenagers, simple and easy to follow. Today's global trend is that many young people are emerging as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of multimillion businesses. Many more are rising to stardom with multimillion dollars benefits in sports, entertainment, academics, information technology, science, public speaking and as well as other professional and vocational areas.
Author : Ebunoluwa Olufemi and Bisi Akande
Published : 2018
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Teens(11yrs - 17yrs)
Category : Business
Number of Pages : 79

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