Searching for a job can be intimidating if you do not have a cutting edge advantage. How do you know what job you are best suited for? How do you build a winning resume and cover letter? Where can you find job leads? How do you network without feeling nervous? What happens when you land an interview? And most importantly, where do you find help when you need it? This book does not only provide answers to these critical questions but also provide you with relevant information on; • How to get yourself into some of the top organisations to work for across different sectors (multinationals, development organisatons, government institutions and private sector). • How to create an irresistible online presence that will help you attract the attention of recruiters. • Preparing to ace aptitude tests and interviews. • How to develop an exit strategy to move from a job to your personal enterprise. • And lots more. This book is for individuals who desire career success. It has practical tips to guide you through the process of making a career choice, planning out your career, skilling up yourself for career opportunities. Summarily, the information in this book will help you enhance your market value and improve your personal brand. The EDGE guarantees to give you a cutting edge advantage.
Published : 2020
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Teens(11yrs - 17yrs)
Category : Personal Development
Number of Pages : 106

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