If Not God
If Not for God is like experiencing seven roller-coaster decades within the time it takes to read a book and in the end come out with a bunch of wisdom money cannot buy. Charles Okenyi in telling us the wonderful story of his life in the courageous way he has has so graciously allowed us to see the world through his eyes in a way many of us might never have the opportunity to. This book is packed full with a million life lesson learnt and shared by a bold man not ashamed to share his failures and not selfish to share his success secrets. In following his life from infanthood through sagehood, you find what it’s like to grow up in rural Nigeria of colonial Nigeria, you learn the lessons of academic struggle, of romantic relationship with women, plenty lessons on marriage and raising children in the most severe conditions a middle class Nigerian family would and more lessons on finding a calling that thumps every other thing.
Author : Charles Okeneyi
Published : 2018
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Teens(11yrs - 17yrs)
Category : Memoir
Number of Pages : 161

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