The Victory of Grace
A journey of a thousand miles they say begins with one step. The Young African Leader’s Initiative (YALI) Emerging Leaders Training was that first step for me. I had envisioned a fun-filled vacation in the heart of Accra packed with fun trips and a lot of good food. Instead over the space of 3 weeks, I shared the same space with over 130 of the brightest and most innovative youth change-makers Africa has to offer, being educated on some of the continent’s most problematic issues and engaging in thought-provoking conversations on how to solve them and create a better outlook for the African dream. My experience I can say was a paradigm shift and has invoked in me a fresh sense of optimism towards making our dear continent, a land of so much resources and potential fulfill that which has been spoken of her from time immemorial, finally living up to her identity as the land of riches and wealth for her people. Welcome to my world, a world of wonder, a world full of grace!
Author : Folajimi Adesanya
Published : 2018
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Teens(11yrs - 17yrs)
Category : Memoir
Number of Pages : 93

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