The Will
Although born into abject poverty, Raymond Olawale Jacobs was able to claw his way to the top in business, eventually becoming one of the richest men in Nigeria and in the world. When everything appeared to be going well, a simple weekend fling ended up destroying the peace in his home, and from then things just kept getting worst. At seventy-five, Raymond Jacobs was diagnosed with stage four Prostate cancer and given a few months to live. His personal doctor and friend had advised him to put his house in order, so his children and wives wouldn't be at each other's throat when he is eventually no more. Raymond Jacobs saw his Will and Last Testament as the ultimate weapon to right the wrongs that had plagued his entire life. But little did he know how erroneous this move was.
Author : Segun Egbeyinka
Published : 2018
Classification : Book
Age Ratings : Adult(18yrs and above)
Category : FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / General
Number of Pages : 168

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