Adedoyin Olaleye

Doyin Sunshine Olaleye is an award-winning International Poet, Novelist, , Family Health Consultant and a lover of Art. She is the chief representative of World Nation Writers' Union in Nigeria. She is also the Squire of the World Union of Poets. She resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

Books by Adedoyin Olaleye


As elders of my tribe would say in any counselling sessions, there is too much to life than one can imagine, thus the lesson only learnt by the living. Nigeria and Africa at large shares a diverse flora of Nature’s gifts from animals, to minerals and wealth down our earth, and very rich cultures of diverse tongues, shaping the future of our tomorrow after difficult drench in post-slavery civilisation. This exactly forms the exhuming moments and the realities of the author’s life, as she muses with wonder of nature and humanity. Songs of Sunshine is therefore a book of poetry to the author’s muse – offering readers the opportunity to enjoy the scenery of words that shares the emotions, strengths and weaknesses of our humanity. The work is a compilation of fifty (50) poems segregated into five parts, and titled “Where?” “Where?” portrays the stark reality of the state of our planet Earth and the cry derange for world peace. It is a book that confronts societal abnormalities, fights for justice, breathes empathy, conjures inner harmony, acknowledges the fire of love and spells out the beauty of nature.

the scarlet

The Scarlet is a creative book of a collection of fully steamy poems with few love poems sandwiched. It is capable of arousing sensual mental images. Therefore, the author calls this poetry genre erotica. Sunshine ensures the imagery in her poems are both intricate and raw, and are solely works of her creative imaginations which aims at bringing out the work of art that had seemed obscure for long. This erotic anthology is rich in seductive lyrics, sexy verses, pulsing rhythms, suggestions of pure desire, romantic rhymes, and celebration of true love. Prepare to be satisfied or left more hungry! Warning: This book contains mature contents for mature audiences only.


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