Adiemea Obed

Adiemea Obed is a practicing Medical Doctor, Business Consultant and a writer. He helps provide Business Strategy and solutions to businesses. He is a passionate writer and speaker, he blogs at Naijayouthsarena.com. He runs the fast growing Facebook group. Next Entrepreneurs Leaders and influencers network. NELIN. for grooming the next big leaders and Entrepreneurs of Africa. He lives and works in Port Harcourt Nigeria

Books by Adiemea Obed

making money on whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the easiest money Making apps on smartphone, Yet the most neglected. There are several ways to make Legitimate income on WhatsApp that most people are unaware of. The good thing about making money on WhatsApp is that, you do not need anything else but your phone to harness them This is a resource that will teach you: 7 proven ways people are killing it on WhatsApp, including ones that are still secrets? You will then complain that your WhatsApp contacts are not much. What if you are told that with just 100 contacts you can be racking in #100,000 monthly with some of these strategies? That means you have a Legitimate income stream You will learn: 7 ways to make money on WhatsApp and how to go about them 5 proven Strategies to increase your WhatsApp contact list to any number you want. One bonus Legitimate trick to make over #100,000 in 24hours if you have the courage to try it.

other people's money: 3 things you need to attract unlimited funding for your business and projects

Everyone needs funding at one stage or the other both in business and in career. Attracting the required funds from people who have it. Is a skill only a few people know. OPM (other peoples' Money) skills is critical both in career and in life in general. This is one skill that will position you for unlimited success in life because without funding most dreams die an untimely death. In this book I have outlined 3 things that will position you to constantly attract funding from people who have the money to give. Be they individuals, organisations or even government bodies. Whether the money is for a Business for profits or a non profit organization, politics or project. The methods for attracting "Other peoples' money" is similar and involves these three things as outlined in this insightful read. Get the book and position yourself for unlimited funding.

maximum productivity days

Productivity is the Hallmark of all true success. People who are extremely successful owe it to extreme and Maximum productivity. No matter what you are involved in, if you can be productive, you will ultimately be successful. Productivity as important as it is is very difficult to come by. We are always easily overcome by laziness or busy with unproductive work of no significant value. Other times we are plagued with lack of time for real Productive work. Outlined in this book are Strategies that can help balance out our desire to be and our need to be extremely productive making us very productive and ultimately successful. If you see yourself battling with Laziness, you don't need to fight any longer, the discoveries in this book will turn you into a maximally productive person at work and in your individual life. These are drawn from my personal journey towards becoming a more productive person. Through these discoveries I have gone on to amaze myself. I used to be lazy and ex

productize to monetize: how to make money from your social media presence

In this book I will place on your hands all you need to Monetize your social media presence and start cashing out from your knowledge and expertise, whether you already have a business, skill or you are starting from the scratch. This is the secret of all those who are making it here, that nobody has calmed down to tell you as I did in this book There is no better place to make money Legitimately while still having fun than social media. In it you will learn: 6 Myths of Social media marketing 5 Reasons people are not making money on social media 6 Things to Monitize on social Media 7 Steps to actually Monitizing Social media and start making money Lots more social media Marketing tricks After you have finished reading this book, you will ask yourself why you had not seen these all the while. But you will be glad you now know what will make you an earner not just a fun seeker on social media. This book will help you turn your social media profiles into a market place

income mastery

Do you want to make more money from your skill or your talent? What if you do not even think you have any talent and will need to start from the scratch discovering what you can do to start making money? Your situation could be better and you have a job working for someone, but you want more pay, or you are already making money as a self-employed person from your craft as a creative. Do you complain of being paid too little compared to what you offer? Or are you paid a salary or earnings that is generally too small for your growing expenses and you feel you can do better than that. This book INCOME MASTERY: how to become highly paid for what you do, is your best guide. In it I showed you 5 simple steps to move from zero to a highly paid expert in any field you play in. It is so simple that you can do it. Your financial situation is the way it is because you haven't taken the right steps to improve it. I consider this book one of my best work so far

wealthy cash flow systems

Becoming rich from scratch is possible, nobody is condemned to poverty. It takes a proven system of financial management to become rich irrespective of what you are doing to make money or how small your earnings are. If you apply this time tested principles of wealth building, in a matter of time. You will be counted amongst the wealthy. Disobey these laws and have yourself to blame. Find out these open secrets and cruise to financial independence. Wealth creation and financial independence happens to those who pay attention to the basic laws of money making and financial management. People are poor and live paycheck to paycheck simply because they keep breaking the rules of money, not necessarily because their salaries are small. There are many high earners who are broke and have no chances of coming out of debt. Some high salary earners are deeply in debt with small chances of ever clearing it not to talk of becoming wealthy. This book gives everyone a lifeline

how champions are made

There are champions in all walks of life, and an individual cannot be a champion in all things. But everyone has the opportunity to be a champion in at least one thing. Apart from being able to spot a person's championship battle which represents his purpose on Earth, one must also imbibe some setting qualities that will ensure that this battle is won and purpose fulfilled. To be born with talent is not enough to make one a champion, meaning of celebrated talent Henry worded and unpaid are everywhere. It takes insistence on values to arrive at the top. These Values are what every recognised champion on Earth has had to imbibe. In this book I have explained 7 defining attributes of champions to showcase how champions are made from the scratch. If anyone desires to become a champion in any endeavour in life, this book will come in handy.

friendship, the most underrated relationship

FRIENDSHIP is the most beautiful relationship, it can occur with anyone from total strangers to family members including parents, siblings and spouses. It is the most powerful and most influential relationship over our lives. It is our friends who determine most things about our lives, our values, our attitudes, our habits and our preferences. They influence us beyond our knowledge. Any relationship where friendship is not allowed has a lot of tension and is always avoided. This explains perfectly why we are drawn to some persons but avoid some other persons. This is the reason behind two people having a wonderful relationship and another two not really getting along. This book is written to explore the beauty and importance of friendship, help us to become better friends and the position to build the best kind of friendship with our loved ones. It will teach you several things you are yet to discover about friendship and you will be thoroughly entertained while learning.

business is sales

No business can exist without sales, it is the most important part of business. When sales happens business has occurred, when sales is low business is low. No sales, no business. When people go into business the idea is to exchange their products or services for money from people, this is called sales. If every other aspect of business is intact but the sales is lagging behind, that is a severely unhealthy Business. It will amount to a waste of time, effort and resources to run anything where sales are not coming in and call it a business. In this book I have explained six major mistakes small businesses make in the area of sales and how to correct them. With this you are able to overcome the commonest mistakes people make in business that lead to business failure in their first three years. The book will teach you the basic concepts of sales and marketing and how important it is for a business or company. This book has been recommended for everyone running a business


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