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overcoming wrong philosophy

I wrote this book out of a sincere desire to help people see the bright side of life, most especially for those whose lives are filled with wrong philosophies and negative beliefs of life. It will give me great joy to know that the book has helped you and as well opened your heart to fresh and high understanding as regards the philosophies that govern the issues of life. Wrong philosophy about life is as destructive as a disease.-What you see about yourself is what you get. Your ideas and opinions about life go a long way in shaping your real person, positive thinking can bring out the very you from his hiding to become a national and international figure. Your mind set is expected to better your entire being, but when you lose focus with your thoughts, you will scarcely succeed in life.

see the invisible and do the impossible

Whatever the human mind can vividly imagine, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass. One of the greatest discoveries you can ever make is to discover that you can do that which seems impossible, you can be all you want to be and you can actually live life without apologies. Don't let yew fears and self-satisfaction! Lock your mind against the fresh ideas that will open you up into the unknown. You too can break through every limit on the way to your place of destiny by SEEING THE INVISIBLE. Believe this is what this book is designed to accomplish in your life. No matter how far you have gone there is a place called forward. No matter how much you have accomplished there is what is called MORE. Every wall you can see through, you can pass through. No more limits, you are unstoppable.

escaping the prison of sexual paradise

Sex without love and outside of marriage can never satisfy man's sex hunger, it only multiplies his tension and builds an unquenchable hunger for more and this eventually leads to self-destruction. Life for many teenagers and young adults can be overwhelming and confusing. Most times, parental denial, gullibility and indifference are the archenemies of many getting help or being bound in the prison of drugs and sexual paradise. God wants to protect us from damaging ourselves and those around us. This book is not only for the young, but also for the older generation to help them in bridging the generation gap. I have written this book because I care about you and your future. I want the best for you and your life. It is my prayer in this book, millions of youths will find the route of their prison break and the older generation will find relief.


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