Bunmi Akingbade

Bunmi Akingbade is out to deliver winning solutions that inspire a vibrant life; physically, spiritually and mentally. She has over 18 years corporate experience, a youth coach with over 16 years in the Youth Ministry cause of her with heartfelt passion for youths. She teaches principles and strategies that create personal growth. She is the Founder of Lacare Help Ministry; Cofounder, Lacare Innovative and Creativity Initiative, a registered NGO in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, aimed at empowering youths to maximize their full potentials and build the nation by providing resources and training for their spiritual, personal, professional and business growth. She is a Speaker, Trainer and Consultant.

Books by Bunmi Akingbade

what employers want

Nigeria’s labor market is seriously in hot competition for the unemployed youths. It is hereby critical for employees to really understand what their employers require from them to remain relevant on the Job. “What Employers Want” is a must read guidebook for Job seekers, those already on the Job, Students and Employers of labor. The book provides the crucial foundation required for employees to excel in the workplace and understand what is expected from them. It also provides basic understanding to support employee’s give their best to their employer at all times. Employers want to hire the right staff that will add value to the organization, you can be that employee.

the good, bad,ugly boss

Bosses must effectively manage, lead, and inspire employees. Good bosses bring tangible benefits to a company, including motivating employees and aligning them with the company's vision. Conversely, bosses who fail to effectively manage employees may create an environment susceptible to conflict and unsatisfied workers. There are different types of bosses; however, a good boss taps into and leverages the instincts and skills their employees have to fully unlock their potential and push their careers forward. If they're increasingly inspired and confident about their work, skills, and talents, they'll naturally feel more confident of bringing success to their organisation. This book is a must-read to help gain insight on the principles and benefits of being a good boss. It posits that the best bosses are invested in their employees, that means that they're actively concerned with the professional goals and aspirations of their staff.


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