Gbenga Egungbohun

Books by Gbenga Egungbohun


Bible in Entrepreneurship textbook undoubtedly represents the backbone of Mobile Bible School curriculum, as it aims at developing personal discipline, decision – making and entrepreneurial skills, grounded in spiritual values in people generally (such as Pastors, Ministers, Bible Teachers & Students, Retired & Retiring individuals). The textbook essentially; (1) Exposes one to a systematic study and understanding of each book of the Bible & entrepreneurial skills in a short period. (2) It serves as a simplified study kit for sunday school & mid-week classes in churches. As well as excellent material for class use in Bible colleges/schools. (3) It contains quality sermon materials & totally undenominational in content, with a strong emphasis on spiritual values and entrepreneurial success.

moral digest

Only few, if any, will argue that a great number of people in today’s society have rejected God-established rules for morality. Hence, at a time like this, Moral Digest serves as a valuable and urgently needed moral compass to provide: (1) The moral strength needed by both young and old to effectively tackle the moral crisis destroying destinies in today’s society. (2) A simplified insight and much-needed analysis of God and morality. (3) An easy approach that sanely challenges everyone to practice Jesus’ moral codes with ease, and become a better individual. In a nutshell, Moral Digest represents a simplified study kit in Christian ethics, and an excellent material for class use in Bible colleges/schools.


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