Gift Foraine Amukoyo

Gift Foraine Amukoyo is from Delta State but was born in Lagos State, Nigeria. She has published three collections of poetry, a play, two novels and two short story collections. Down Dusty Lonely Lanes and Other Stories is her first collection of short stories. She has won and been shortlisted for poetry prizes. She loves telling stories

Books by Gift Foraine Amukoyo

the gods are mortal

Erin stands before the gigantic mirror of Ikumodo and boils with rage. Oma’s predicament fills him with a vengeful appetite. Her cry almost moves him to tears but he uses the magic of Uriadam to hold it. Oma’s father lit hurricane lamp to preserve her life, the healing herb is a decayed food the god of vengeance had thrown down from the upper world. Against Edion’s wish, Erin descends to Igowe to avenge Keme’s atrocities. The gods are not perfect. Erin falls in love and delays his mission. Oma finds out his identity. She spurns his declaration of love and demands justice from him. He lives normal among mortals, oblivious of earthly dangers and human treacheries. With constricting powers, Erin faces obstacles in order to defeat Keme and a scorned admirer. Erin must choose between love and his immortality.

down dusty lonely lanes and other stories

Down Dusty Lonely Lanes and Other Stories is a collection of fifteen short stories filled with intriguing modern-day societal clashes. This plot and character driven stories portray intransigent elements revolving society and human individualities. It is a boisterous sequence of universal themes trailing human struggles, acceptance of values and refurbishments of norms. The themes trickle in bits of love, anger, frustration, culture, hubris, crime, human denigration, gender discrimination, hope, survival, self-discovery and identity crisis, political emancipation and more. Comic relief is not lost in this uninterrupted pensive collection, it dishes springs of humour.

mending path and soul

“This poem is sensual, solemn, striking, and sacred. I feel the pressures of positive tranquillity.” “A metaphorical adoration of words emblazoned in coherent images: the clinging tot. Your diction, like a capsule of life, which force human imagination to conceptualize and nurture. Encapsulation of joy and sadness. The stringing of this capsule with sound, tone, mood and other paralinguistic features to emphasize meaning and aesthetically pleasing to the mind.” “The world is nothing but a joyful troubled transient place and Gift Foraine Amukoyo’s poems dwell upon the theme very richly.” “From the inside…Somewhere behind the heart…Where humans feel…And get felt…That’s the origin of this verse…”

the fore generation desiri

Desiri realises how passionately her mother wants her to be outstanding in academics. She becomes emotional after she finds out how hard it was for her mother to attain formal education. Desiri numbly glances through pages of her textbooks and notebooks. Anxious, humiliated and timid, will she conquer her fears to become successful and make her mother proud. Through a trip to the village, Desiri excitingly encounters the wise spiritual Bear of her community. She also discovers the boy who took the first position in her class is her brother. Will Mrs Tejiri and Mr Ovie settle their differences and unite for the happiness of their children?

ooee four ruling houses

Clang of Egogo births the ancestry of Ovokpe Four Ruling house. A ruthless King reigns in the kingdom. He makes his subjects break iron bars. Whoever fails to break an iron gets a death sentence. All children of Ovokpe are Princes and Princesses. Therefore, the people loathed the kings’ despotic rule. Oreovokpe conspired against Egbaokpe 1. They lead the king to a disguised throne. Will the Orodje’s charms and instincts save him from the people’s ploy? A consistent interregnum plagues Oreovokpe monarchical stool and some other kingdoms mock Oreovokpe’s circumstances. Due to kingship and political unrest, Oreovokpe is fretful that the Isokens will outrun them and take over their land. Will Oreovokpe be free from the painstaking hiatus curse?

the invalid citizen and other stories

The Invalid Citizen- Another poignant and politically motivated story. In our greed, expansion, and desire for innovation we often overlook the consequences on the environment. It is easier to forget the extent of this when you live in an urban area that has been developed for centuries. The United States faced a similar controversy lately with the Keystone XL pipeline that ran through Native American property and could potentially contaminate their water source. But, of course, that isn't the only topic in this story – education is also an important point. It seemed like it was generous to give Fanny a scholarship and send him to school, but this ultimately became more of a hindrance than a help. It is one thing to facilitate sending someone abroad; it is another to sustain it – thusthe prostitution and the drugs.


The narrative weaves into existence the eponymous heroine Efemena Aruegodore who is beautiful, friendly, enterprising and industrious, but also bold, tough, strong and sometimes self-opinionated revealing a somewhat feminist trajectory in her character portraiture. The sexual encounter between Efemena and Jamuike, a court clerk, disruptive of the future as it might be, gestures towards possibilities of self-knowing which can sometimes secrete disparate emotional states, initiate psychological tensions and wreck dreams. It celebrates the reverence of totems like pythons and superstitious/ritual practices compete with Christian piety. It portrays an integral world where traditional religious worship exists side by side with Christian ethos, sometimes compromised by ecclesiastical hypocrisy as seen in the case of Boyoboyo, the psychically challenged who Pastor Henry neglects and he dies in straitened circumstances

flaming heartbeats

“Beautifully explained the pangs and longings of love in a subtle and decent manner.” “I love the imagery, and yes the motifs and themes. Every woman should be reading this.” “Romantically grand with nature element fused with human need necessitated by nature.” “Very sexual and passionate love poem.” “These poems remind me of how love was professed those days, but today, it’s money over belly button words.”


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