Olatunji Adegbite

Founder of Naspire, a market research firm helping entrepreneurs succeed in Africa. Strategy and Supply Chain expert with over 15+ years of experience in Consulting and Energy industries.

Books by Olatunji Adegbite

15 small businesses you can start in nigeria with minimal capital

A comprehensive guide to building profitable small businesses in Africa's biggest economy. This eBook is complete with detailed steps, action plans, backed by research into how to build profitable businesses with minimal capital. This book covers internet businesses such as dropshipping and online book publishing. If you are interested in agriculture, you will find a guide for buying and selling of agricultural products. This includes information on different foods grown in different parts of the country, transportation of farm produce, selling the farm produce, and exportation. For those interested in small scale businesses, you would find guides on how to operate a profitable betting shop, how to set up a fashion design business, photography, consulting, event management and a host of other small businesses. An optimal approach to getting the best from this book is by reading the steps outlined in the guide carefully without skipping any information. In some parts, you are presented with various external resources to help you in your chosen business. It was produced to help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate Nigeria complex business environment by providing a guide on how to successfully start different small scale businesses.

pricing strategies for small businesses

An effective pricing strategy is the not-so-obvious but crucial part of any business success. It is not enough to simply make a great product; business managers must pay attention to one of the vital pieces of the puzzle – determining what the product is worth to their customers and how to communicate this best. Pricing strategies reflect a business’s understanding of its customers’ demographics and psychographics, without which the company is missing the opportunity to grow and expand its reach and revenue exponentially.

enabling agriculture: the thriveagric rebirth case study

At the heart of every great startup is an idea inspired by an unsolved problem. This is true in Nigeria, a country that cannot feed itself. There is hope that startups can address the complex problems in the Agriculture sector. However, some seem to be out to exploit the hype surrounding digitalising the value chain without thought-out business plans or ethical considerations. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the underbelly of some of these. In the unravelling, many disappeared, leaving distraught investors holding the bag. One company, ThriveAgric, bucked this trend. Undeterred by its few missteps at the outset, it has since honoured its obligations to its crowdfunding investors and continues to thrive. A lesson in crisis and turnaround management, Naspire dug into the ThriveAgric story. We spoke with its stakeholders, Adia Sowho, Kola Aina and OO Nwoye, on how the company successfully navigated its challenges


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