Onyi Nnebedum

Author of several works that include, - LEAD YOUR PASSION, - WHEN SUCCESS CALLS, - SHOOT AT MILLIONS, - BEAT THE REST, - BREAK FREE FROM SKILL TRAP, - WISDOM DONORS among others. Onyi Nnebedum is a Multi-Million Idea Coach with over a decade of experience in helping individuals as well as institutions outdo their past and surpass their plans/goals.

Books by Onyi Nnebedum

shoot at millions

Why struggle to repeat your last effort until you start feeling bored when you can simply act once and keep getting multiple positive feedbacks while you go on with more important things still have to do? If the above describes your situation at the moment, then the wisdom you need can be found in this masterpiece titled SHOOT AT MILLIONS With this powerful/premium book you will realize the difference between you as "ONE IN A MILLION" and you as a "MILLION IN ONE" individual, and you will find courage to be fit enough for any great feat in life... SHOOT AT MILLIONS explains simple ways to achieve more with just one strike than you would have probably achieved with many strikes. HERE ARE MORE THINGS YOU CAN EXPECT WITH THIS MASTERPIECE: 1). YOU WILL FIND THE RIGHT CONFIDENCE TO LIVE, RELATE AND LEAD YOUR BEST: 2). YOU WILL DISCOVER HOW TO GET MORE RESULT WITH JUST ONE SHOOT OF IDEA: 3). YOU WILL DISCOVER YOUR LINK TO REACHING MILLIONS WITH IMPACT

when success calls

Between where you are now and the future you desire is something you must do, something that you should even be doing already. You may not have known yet what you should do (be doing), or you could even be doing something that’d yield contrary to your desired end. For many people, there is little or no relationship between what they wish to become in life and the things they find interest doing now. There is a way to know what should be done at any point in time. Success comes with such signals that are not so obvious. One has to be trained to possibly start recognising them. Your response WHEN SUCCESS CALLS will determine your next outcome. In WHEN SUCCESS CALLS, you’ll begin to understand the silent voice of success in everything around you as well as know the right response to give to always win.


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