Oshaju Henry MD

Henry Oshaju is a cardiologist, physician, author and an Inspirational speaker. He is dedicated to improving health and maximizing human potential outcomes.

Books by Oshaju Henry MD

kairos: great people arise from great moments and opportunities

Very unlike any other book you have ever read, Kairos is a timely and a timeless book. Living in a world regulated by chronological time, put many under pressures that result in average or below average outcomes. The most important events in the world however only exist in Kairos time, which is when the time is right. The great men, women and nations of our times all took advantage of their kairos moments. You too can take advantage of your Kairos moment and also join their league. With clear and easy to understand prose, Kairos offers nuggets on mastering time, reframing perspectives about problems, and developing an agile leadership mindset with an endpoint of breaking the boundaries of chronological time and making positive lasting impact in life.


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