Oyejide Ayodele James

Books by Oyejide Ayodele James

in touch with the future

Every individual are products of decisions and actions. This book provides Instructive and Inspiring means to live your present phase and stage with tomorrow, which some call the future, in mind. The book expounds on decision making, attitude, actions and choices that benefit your future life. It emphasizes the essence of goal setting, planning, simplicity, proactivity, vision, and cooperation with the creator in bringing out the best of purpose fulfillment under the watch of time. The book proffers solution to some of the fears and doubts in most individuals mind, especially youths on what the future holds. You’d discover in this book that the future is always approaching with its full packages of success, and that we are to make courageous moves to meet it.

act of turning ideas into profitable asset

Imagine a beautiful idea you can’t effectively communicate, or that was stolen from you after discus. Do you know how frustrating it could be to have a great idea yet no fund to establish it, or to establish an idea you aren’t making money from? Act of Turning Ideas into Profitable Assets is a book written to accommodate every category of individuals, and to guide you out of such frustrations. It is written to answer questions business starters ask as well individuals who need to establish an idea. This ‘success guide’ helps you realize habits that facilitate great ideas, myths that may stop your ideas, how to protect an ideas, process of attracting resource and funds, process of marketing and monetizing an idea and how to build legacies from them. A success guide for business coaches, entrepreneurs, dynamic writers and every individual who desires to establish an invention, concept, products or services.

inspiration for impact

It’s a powerful life transition to unleash what lies inside you, but that unleashing only becomes viable when you take actions. Actions however, do not come by wishes; it is preceded and continued by passion. How then do you derive this passion? Inspiration! Also, many people are searching for a way to beat the odds of nature, and in essence becoming successful. This book strategically addresses those issues in simple and practicable ways. The realms of the spirit and physical have been designed to perpetually speak to humans. The trees speak, so does the wind. The sea speaks and the sky has never been quiet. Each night, the moon sings a song and the sun at day tells and makes history. These voices most often come as inspirations to the mind. The mind without inspiration is incapacitated. Revelation from the spiritual realm and motivation from the physical, called earth, are all meant to eventually inspire man through his mind. It is therefore dangerous for anyone who wants to go far in life to leave the mind void of inspirations. These twenty-four days inspirations will keep your mind alive, and propel you to make positive impact. “The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.” Give sight to your mind; stay always inspired. That’s one way to beat the odds of life! That’s what this book is about.


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